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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I call if I have a question?

Green Country HOA Management at (918) 901-9311

How many homes are in Tamarac neighborhood?

There are 98 homes in Tamarac Homeowners’ Association.

Is there a Board of Directors?

Yes. Our all-volunteer Board is currently in need of additional members. If you would like to be a part of improving our neighborhood and increasing your home value, please volunteer to join us by contacting Green Country.

Does the neighborhood have HOA meetings?

The Board meets as needed to conduct Tamarac business. In October of 2021 monthly Board meetings ended due to lack of members.  The last Annual Meeting was held in October 2022. 

How do I get involved with the HOA?

Your participation is welcomed! Please contact Green Country to explore the possibilities.

What is the difference amongst the HOA, HOA management company and the Board of Directors?

The HOA consists of all property owners within Tamarac. Every homeowner is a member of the HOA. Membership begins automatically when you purchase your home and is transferred to the new owner when you sell your home.

The Board of Directors is made up of Tamarac homeowners who have volunteered to serve. They are formally elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting. New members may be appointed by the Board and confirmed in the next annual homeowners meeting. The Board oversees the HOA management company and makes decisions that affect the neighborhood and all the HOA members/Tamarac homeowners.

Green Country HOA Management is our management company. They handle the financial, administrative and management needs of the HOA. Green Country takes direction from the Board and implements Board decisions. Green Country has no control or authority outside the direction of the Board. They are also the liaison between Tamarac homeowners and the Board of Directors.


The 2024 dues are $256.30. Dues are assessed and due January 1. Online payments can be made securely using the Pay Dues tab found on this website. Pay by January 31st and receive the $5 Early Bird Discount. Dues paid after February 28 are delinquent and charged 6% interest.

Why do I have to pay homeowners dues?

As a homeowner I am legally obligated to pay annual dues to maintain the common property we all own (the entrance and 13 cul de sacs) and fulfill the Tamarac Covenants Conditions and Restrictions that govern our neighborhood. Dues cover the owner’s share of the costs for entrance landscaping, mowing and electricity; concrete repairs and replacement in the 13 cul de sacs; management fees; and other necessary expenses for the neighborhood.

What do I need to do if I want to make changes to my property?

Contact Green Country HOA Managment for an Architectural Change Request form. Describe your plans in detail and submit it to Green Country. They will forward it to the Architectural Committee for review. A decision will be made within 3 working days.

Where can my guest park?

Each home has two parking spaces in the garage and two on the driveway apron in front of the home. If you need additional space, have your guest park on the city street.

Can I paint my house a different color?

According to the Tamarac Covenants Conditions and Restrictions, exterior walls of all structures shall be painted once every four years with Kelly-Moore Latex Flat Exterior paint, Oyster #26. An exact match in another brand is allowed. Call Green Country for paint formulas that are known to match. 

If you paint and it does not match, you will be required to repaint.

My neighbor keeps parking in a "no parking" area. Who do I contact?

Green Country HOA Management